With an angelic voice and the stage presence of a headliner, Jess Lamarre is a confident woman who uses the reality of life, relationships, pain and insecurities to expose the power of LOVE. This Haitian-Island native roots, raised in Detroit, is ready to get command center-stage!


Jess Lamarre aka JessLove is smooth and colorful. Musically tantalizing, yet, humbly authentic. Her aura is powerful and presence is an ultimate vibe – it’s exactly what the industry has been waiting on!

Born and raised in the heart of Motown, with a mighty mix of Caribbean heritage, Jess is prideful of music culture and connects with the essence of music with flavor and personality. After discovering her gift of entertaining while performing the song “Hero” in an elementary school talent show, Jess knew what her purpose was at an early age. Taking dance lessons, ranging from hip-hop and jazz, to contemporary styles, her desire to study movement opened the door to her budding career. 



Landing a huge opportunity to dance with the icon Mariah Carey, Jess has become acclimated to working with some of the industry’s well-known stage acts. Touring with Yung Joc on the “Scream Tour” and recently the legendary Charlie Wilson, these are just a few notable names that gave way to Love’s experience on the big stage.

With dancing being the foundation of her artistic background and Michael Jackson being her biggest influence, Love had a passionate dream transitioned into becoming the ultimate entertainer. Love’s shows are experienced with high energy, jaw-dropping choreography, and good music for your enjoyment.  

Her Haitian background and showmanship infuse together, to create the perfect Island R&B/Pop blend, which describes her riveting movement and electrifying performances. Now signed to Star Management, this triple threat is ready to inspire the new generation through music, dance, fashion and Culture!  



Stretching boundaries with her highly anticipated album “The Phases Of” releasing 2019, Jess Lamarre expresses with her penmanship, the emotional ups & downs of relationships and love in this “multi-genre” composition produced by Tha Hitbangaz. Combined with catchy melodic phrases and unorthodox production, the album is a recreation to the sound of music that’s very nostalgic yet refreshing.  So relatable yet unpredictable, her album will take you on a musical journey of love that is commercially timeless and for everyone.

Jess Lamarre’s desire to use her platform for the greater good is her biggest asset. Angelic and infectious in spirit, this “girl next door” is a breath of fresh air! 


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